WATCH: Arby's bids Jon Stewart farewell with hilarious ad

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Now, we all know Jon Stewart hasn't been the biggest fan of Arby's over the past couple years.
But with Stewart's very last night on "The Daily Show" coming up fast, the fast-food chain decided to put their differences aside and send him off with the perfect tribute. (Video via Arby's)
"Why not challenge your stomach to a fight? You think pain and grief are hard to digest! It's like shock and awe for your bowels. The meal that's a dare for your colon. It's like a stomach could get punched in the balls! Alright fine, Arby's," Stewart said during a compilation of "Daily Show" clips slamming Arby's.

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"Not sure why, but we'll miss you," Arby's wrote at the end of the commercial. 
Arby's compiled all of Stewart's not-so-nice remarks about the company into one hilarious commercial to bid him farewell, which we think is pretty darn nice, considering he linked their food to some pretty terrible topics, including Ebola and digestion problems. 
But, of course, Arby's didn't make the ad totally out of the goodness of their hearts.
The chain's chief executive told The Wall Street Journal that Stewart's negative comments have only helped increase the brand's popularity. "Collectively, what is going on has resulted in uplift of business performance."
And Arby's isn't the only well-known brand lining up to give Stewart a proper send-off for this reason.
T-Mobile, Bud Light and movie companies including The Weinstein Co. have reportedly bought advertisements that are set to air during Thursday's finale.
And they really must have faith in said ads; a source told The Journal each commercial is priced at roughly $230,000 for 30 seconds of time. 
Arby's is also expected to be a part of Thursday's "Daily Show" finale, but it's not buying more ad time. Stewart's last hurrah will air at 11 p.m. ET Thursday on Comedy Central. (Video via Comedy Central / "The Daily Show")

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