Waitress gets $10k after finding tab with racial slur

A 19-year-old waitress at a Red Lobster in Tennessee got the tip of a lifetime one month after she found a racial slur in the tip section of a receipt.

Toni Jenkins, who is studying to be a nurse, says she discovered the slur in early September after waiting on a couple at the Franklin Red Lobster. (Via WSMV)

Jenkins said the couple she believes left the receipt was rude but what was left behind was even worse: A bill with the "N"-word written on it. (Via Daily Mail)

Jenkins later uploaded a picture of the receipt to her Facebook page. That’s when her story went viral.

Some people questioned the authenticity of the handwriting, saying Jenkins faked it herself. (Via The Huffington Post)

Even the customer she served before finding the receipt denied writing the slur through his attorney, saying he didn't approve of that type of language. (Via WDEF)

To make matters worse, Jenkins was later suspended as the restaurant investigated the incident. (Via New York Daily News)

But one man in California took notice and decided he wanted to give Jenkins a hand. Matthew Hanson, founder of AddictingInfo.org, was moved by Jenkins' story and started a fundraiser for the shafted waitress on YouCaring.com.

In just 72 hours, 1,090 supporters raised nearly $11,000 for Jenkins. She was later presented with the check.

Hanson told ABC the fundraiser "was about sending a message to racists that Americans aren't going to tolerate that."

Jenkins later expressed her surprise and gratitude to WSMV, saying,

"Those people had a heart to give to me when they didn't even know me." (Via WSMV)

Jenkins said she’ll continue working at Red Lobster and use the money to pay off bills and pay for college.

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