Viral video: Did U.S. marshal show excessive force?

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A video of a U.S. marshal pointing a gun at a man and a pregnant woman in Memphis, Tennessee, has gone viral.

The incident was reported during an arrest on Tuesday, when a marshal pointed a gun at two people who were not being arrested. Police surrounded a home at an apartment complex in Hickory Hill looking to capture a violent felon.

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The family told FOX13 that everyone in the house came out with their hands up, and they were led by a woman who is four weeks away from giving birth. However, the family said that didn't stop one of the marshal's from pointing a high-powered rifle at her.

"They're who you got a warrant for. What y'all pointing a gun up here for? We don't want to get shot,” the man filming the video said as the marshal pointed the gun. “Ain't nobody getting shot. We brought the guy to the door."

During the arrest of their family member, the family told FOX13 that they did everything they could to defuse the situation. By coming out of the house with their hands up, they didn’t expect any confrontation.

"I actually came out first,” Kelly, who is eight months' pregnant, told FOX13. “Everyone had their hands up.”

Still, one U.S. marshal held firm, keeping his weapon pointed at the family.

"Y’all put that gun down," Corterian Wright said in the video. "Nobody’s fixing to do nothing. Our hands is right here. This is my fiancée, pregnant right here. Get that (expletive) off me."

Wright shot the 3 minute, 10 second video and posted it on his Facebook page. It has gathered a lot of attention.


This happened today in East Memphis Tn, they just took this post off Facebook so nobody could see it but ima keep posting it and y'all keep sharing it they locked my nephew up and was pointing the gun at me and his pregnant baby mother

Posted by Corterian Bay Wright on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

FOX13 spoke with the U.S. marshals Thursday afternoon, and they told us that they are not apologizing for doing their job. Those words have done little to calm the fears of a family who felt threatened.

"I hardly slept," Kelly said. "I prayed all throughout the night (because) it was crazy. I'm happy to be here today."

Wright and Kelly told FOX13 that they want to see action taken against the marshal who pointed the gun at them.

FOX13 spoke with a retired Shelby County sheriff's lieutenant, and he told us that the marshals acted appropriately. He said that during a time of extreme tension between law enforcement and citizens, it is better to act out of caution.