Video shows woman kidnapped as infant in Florida joking about getting kidnapped

The Kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley

A Facebook live video shows the young woman who was snatched from a Jacksonville hospital as an infant joking about getting kidnapped.

In the July 2016 video, she does not hint that she knew she really was a kidnapping victim.

Gloria Williams is still in a South Carolina jail cell, accused of kidnapping Kamiyah Mobley as a baby in 1998 and raising her as her own under the name Alexis Manigo.

“I will not be kidnapped. I refuse,” said Manigo in the video.

Manigo was joking with her friends about strangers on social media asking where she lives.

“And they’re going, ‘No, I’m not a serial killer.’ Oh yeah? What if you’re a kidnapper?” said Manigo in the video. “’Nobody trying to kidnap you?’ You’d be surprised. You’d be surprised. They’d probably bring me back in the next two hours because I’d probably talk their head off or something.”

Manigo's Facebook posts since Williams' arrest on Friday have consistently shown support for the woman who raised her, who Manigo said "was a great mom."

Manigo was reunited with her birth parents on Saturday.

In the meantime, she’s lashed out at people who are sharing their opinions on Facebook, saying things such as, “Maybe you should right [sic] my story cause you know everything and have the time.”

Manigo also posted a status on Facebook on Monday, calling out the man who she grew up believing was her father, Charles Manigo.

“You were nothing to me my whole life,” she wrote, after he went on ABC News on Sunday, complaining that he had paid child support for a child who was not his.

Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams revealed on Monday that Alexis Manigo had a fraudulent Social Security card and birth certificate.

Sheriff Williams said the fake documents began to raise questions as the 18-year-old began to look for work.

“We’re not sure how much she knew or what she knew, or how much she was told. But we believe that there was a conversation at some point with some explanation about why all her birth documents were fraudulent,” said Sheriff Williams.

The forms needed to enroll in the Colleton County School District, where Manigo attended school, show that a birth certificate and a Social Security card are optional.

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