Video shows train slamming into car as woman narrowly escapes

Video released Thursday shows a train hitting a car stalled on the tracks in Florida just as the car's driver jumped to safety.

In several videos, from cameras placed on the SunRail train's engine, the train's horn is sounded a number of times just before the train hit the car, which had stalled on the tracks in Maitland, about 10 miles north of downtown Orlando.

>> Photos: SunRail train hits car (-->WFTV)

The 28-year-old woman said her car stalled on the tracks. She told investigators she was just learning to drive the new stick-shift vehicle.

In the video the woman can be seen jumping from the car just as the train makes impact. The woman suffered minor injuries when she was hit by her own car.

Witnesses said the woman was only able to get out of her car after someone behind her honked the horn to warn her of the oncoming train.