Video game leads woman to boy being viciously bullied at park, and she saves him

A woman says she doesn’t want to imagine what would have happened to a 12-year-old boy if a virtual reality video game hadn’t lead her to a park, where she found him being bullied relentlessly.

Jeanette Warner says her son downloaded the "Pokemon Go" app to her phone over the weekend. The game take users outside to capture virtual “Pokemon.”

Warner was out with her young granddaughter searching for Pokemon Sunday morning in an Arizona park when they spotted two older boys bullying a younger boy.

"They were making him run sprints, not letting him get a drink, just being real turkeys," Warner told KTVK.

Warner continued on, but eventually her conscience got the best of her and she turned back to help the boy. The two older boys left, leaving the younger behind. He was suffering a medical emergency.

“He was really stumbling and he fell face first into the rocks,” said Warner.

Warner called 911. The boy was flown to Phoenix Children’s Hospital where he was treated for heat stroke. The incident was reported to the Department of Child Safety.