UPS driver plays it cool when squirrel jumps on him

A UPS driver didn’t panic when a squirrel got up close and personal while he made a delivery.

CBS Chicago reported Friday that Oscar Luciano attempted to drop off a package for Amanda Atkins, but she was out getting dental work done.

Atkins said she got a notification on her phone from her Ring video doorbell and saw a squirrel on the driver’s back.

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“What made it hilarious was how calm our UPS guy was,” Atkins said.

In the Dec. 5 video, the squirrel can be seen off to the right of Luciano, who nods his head to some music while waiting at the door. The squirrel jumps on Luciano’s shoulder, crawling across his back and on top of his head before jumping off onto a nearby fence. Luciano is startled, but keeps his composure, leaning slightly forward and smiling as the squirrel jumps away.

Credit: Paolo Nicolello/Unsplash

Credit: Paolo Nicolello/Unsplash

"I was just there bobbing my head jamming to music, and all of a sudden, I felt a tug. It startled me," Luciano told CBS Chicago. "The only thing that went through my mind is, 'My wife would never believe what just happened to me.'"

Atkins told Luciano about the video when he returned the next day to drop off another package and she sent it to him.

Watch the video below.