UGA professor creates map of Waffle House restaurants to watch the solar eclipse from (seriously)


UGA professor creates map of Waffle House restaurants to watch the solar eclipse from (seriously)

Nothing screams solar eclipse more than scattered, smothered and covered all-day breakfast at Waffle House, right?

Well, that’s the case for University of Georgia geographer Jerry Shannon, who tweeted out last week that watching eclipses just makes him hungry.

The assistant geography professor and assistant director of the university’s Housing and Demographics Research Center shared a genius eclipse map detailing Waffle House restaurants along the Aug. 21 eclipse’s path of totality.

Shannon created the map in response to NASA Earth data visualization and cartography lead Joshua Stevens’ subtle jab at the numerous eclipse maps erupting online ahead of the mega celestial event.

Stevens started the Twitter thread with his own hilarious work of art, mapping out the best spots to catch “Sunsquatch” — “see the eclipse and Bigfoot ... at the same time!”

Waffle House got in on the action, too, and tweeted out a friendly PSA for Bigfoot.

Shannon, who grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and moved to Georgia four years ago, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution he chose Waffle House in particular because of its “distinct regional identity” in the South.

He has plans to either head to Vogel State Park or attend the big UGA event at Sanford Stadium.

But, he said, “I'm sure we'll think about adding Waffle House into the day somehow.”

Using Shannon’s map, which was created with data from Dun and Bradstreet and the NASA Scientific Visualization Studio, we found the Waffle House locations along (or near) Georgia’s eclipse path where locals and visiting neighbors can grub on the good stuff:

Jerry Shannon

Along the path:

537 Hwy 441 South
Clayton, GA, 30525

These two are also near the eclipse path:

10 Hwy 515 Bldg B
Blairsville, GA, 30512

Hwy 515 & Hwy 5
Blue Ridge, GA, 30513

But Shannon’s brilliant brainchild isn’t the only fun map to come from Stevens’ Twitter challenge.

There’s the extraterrestrial eclipse map for prime eclipse- and UFO-watching spots.

And the “Eclipception” eclipse map where you can experience the eclipse in a place named Eclipse. Yep.

This map of Starbucks locations along the eclipse path is funny, but totally practical.

And then there’s this incredibly random (yet impressive) handiwork from a big Michael Jordan fan.

Got to love eclipse humor.

More (serious) maps you can use:

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