TSA recommends security measures for airport 'soft targets'

In the wake of "soft target" airport shootings in Fort Lauderdale and abroad, the TSA is making new recommendations to increase security.

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The agency wants to keep travelers safe in airport baggage claims and other areas outside security checkpoints.

The TSA recommends creating an airport operations center. It would serve as a central command in emergency responses and conduct background checks on workers that are outside security zones.

The guidelines would allow airports to respond to a threat quickly, minimize injuries and loss of death and get the airport back up and running as quickly as possible.

“We have ways to reduce the risk," said Trenton Higareda, a security consultant for CTI Consulting. "We can put as many roadblocks in as we possibly can, but unfortunately we will not be able to stop everything.”

Higareda said most major airports are already making security improvements. Many airport officials worked with the TSA and security experts to create these recommendations.