Trump's answers to Mueller's questions leaked: CNN

The content of President Donald Trump’s written responses to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation over Russian hacking of the 2016 presidential election have been leaked.

In an exclusive report, CNN reported the leaked information focused on two points: WikiLeaks and the meeting that happened at Trump Tower.

CNN staff did not see the written responses firsthand; however, an unnamed source said Trump had provided information to the best of his recollection. The same source described Trump's answers to CNN.

The president's lawyers said Trump's answers would match what he had said in public statements. But if proven false, CNN reported the written statements could be subject to criminal charges.

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Mueller's team has been looking into claims that Roger Stone knew WikiLeaks was going to release emails from the Democratic National Committee and Trump's Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta. Stone has said he had no prior knowledge of the WikiLeaks releases, CNN reported.

Trump had told Mueller's investigation that Stone and he never spoke about WikiLeaks, CNN reported.

As for the other matter -- the meeting that happened during the campaign at Trump Tower, where Trump's son, Don Jr., learned what Russian operatives had on Clinton -- the younger Trump has said he did not tell his father about the meeting before it happened, CNN reported.

Trump submitted the written answers to the investigation's questions last week, The Associated Press reported.

The written responses give Trump some leeway regarding if or when an in-person interview could be held between him and a member of Mueller's investigation, while still getting Trump on the record, the AP reported.

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