Trump's Chicago hotel won't honor woman's low fare on

A hopeful traveler stumbled across the hotel deal of a lifetime.

Rose Lawrence quickly took the chance to book a deal in which a normally priced $1,100 room was being offered for much less.

But the hotel said it will not honor her deal.

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Lawrence’s excitement quickly turned into frustration and shed light on an online booking fiasco when hotel management from the Trump Hotel in Chicago told her it would not be honoring the deal.

In between homes at the time, Lawrence was looking for a place to stay with her teenage son for a few nights when she turned to and spotted the incredible rate.

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"I saw a deal, and, like anyone else, I'm taking it," Lawrence told WGNTV.

The deal was for eight nights in a two-bedroom suite for a total of $253, and, according to reports, it was confirmed by and the Trump Hotel.

Lawrence took advantage of the opportunity after it appeared to be legitimate, but when she called to confirm, hotel reps told her otherwise.

“I decided to call the hotel and talked with a revenue manager who then proceeded to beg me,” Lawrence told WGNTV. “She literally said, ‘I’m begging you to cancel this because I’m going to lose my job if you don’t do this.’ She just really started to lay it on thick.”

Lawrence and the hotel’s revenue manager then began debating and negotiating shortly after, but the two were unable to reach a resolution settlement.

Left scrambling to find a place, Lawrence said she will be forced out of her home in just a few days.

“Now I’m really stressed out because I have to have a place to stay, and I don’t know how this is going to roll out, and I just feel like they should’ve honored what they did,” she told WGNTV. “I think they should honor what they stated out there. Yeah, it was a mistake or their glitch, but (the revenue manager) made it really clear that it was her mistake.”

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