Top 3 crazy accidents people survived this week

Some crazy accidents and very lucky people were in headlines this week, so Newsy is bringing you the top three that caught our eyes.

For No. 3, a small plane that was carrying a banner over the University of Florida football stadium crashed near a bunch of tailgaters. (Via WPBF)

“Thankfully, no one on the ground was hurt, but look at that! The pilot and the passenger did have minor injuries.”

"The fire chief said it had some mechanical problems. The pilot tried to land in a field, but it ended up right in that parking lot." (Via HLN)

WJXT reports since this wasn't a fatal crash, furloughed federal investigators were not called to the scene. The passengers, Ian Conrad and Graham Hill, are expected to make a full recovery.

No. 2 was a collision on the ground: A train slammed into an 18-wheeler in Texas. (Via WTEN)

"No one was hurt in the accident. In fact, the driver of the semi wasn't even inside his truck when the train — whoa! There it goes. A viewer recorded the accident." (Via KTVB)

One hundred gallons of diesel were spilled, along with pipes the flatbed was carrying. Apparently the load was stuck on the tracks minutes before the train appeared.

Two men were taking part in the Albuquerque weeklong balloon fiesta when tragedy struck. (Via NBC)

"The balloon that you see there struck power lines and burst into flames, fell some 40 feet to the ground. We can tell you the two men inside that balloon are now recovering from burns and injuries they suffered." (Via ABC)

When residents saw the crash, they rushed over to help the two men and put out the flames. Thanks for tuning in to Newsy’s top three crazy accidents of the week.

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