Toddler burned by scalding toilet water, mom says

An Ohio toddler has been hospitalized after getting second- and third-degree burns from scalding-hot toilet water, his mother says.

According to WSYX-WTTE, Parker Rinehart, 2, was injured when his 3-year-old brother pushed him into the toilet while the two were playing at their Marion home. But the water in the toilet was so hot that it burned Parker.

Kasey Bollinger, the boys' mother, said she has asked her landlord several times to fix the toilet, which is connected to the hot-water heater.

"It could have been stopped from the get-go," she told WSYX-WTTE. "This shouldn't have happened. Every time I look at him, it just makes me want to cry all over again. Parker is my baby."

Bollinger said she was not home at the time, and that her boyfriend, Matt Henderson, was watching the children.

On Tuesday, the Marion Health Department ordered the landlord to fix the toilet problem within two days. Meanwhile, investigators and Children's Services are looking into Bollinger's version of the incident.