This is the message Beau Biden gave the Vice President a week before he died

As he leads a national initiative to end cancer, Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he knows exactly what his son would say.

"Keep going, Dad," Biden said. "Beau, in the last week, he would say, 'Dad, look at me. I'm going to be alright no matter what happens. Promise me you're going to stay engaged.'"

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Beau Biden died from brain cancer in May of 2015. The cancer fight is personal to his father.
The vice president summoned leading cancer experts to Washington Wednesday and announced new actions to fight the disease.

They included speeding up the development of cancer drugs, greater investments in research and making clinical trials more easily accessible to cancer patients.

"This is something I think he'd be proud his mom and I were engaged in," Biden said.

Biden doesn't think there will be a cure for cancer in his lifetime, but says his goal of a decade's worth of new research in five years is attainable.

"You're going to see new therapies that are going to be able to detect early," Biden said. "There's now technology and research to use a blood test to determine sometimes 10 to 20 years in advance whether or not you have a marker in your blood that makes you susceptible to certain kinds of cancer."