This photo filter app lets Facebook users show support for Beirut, Paris and more

In light of the terror attacks that took nearly 130 lives in Paris, Facebook unveiled a photo filter to allow users to show their solidarity with France.

Users can also use a separate tool called Profile Overlays to show their support for other countries like Lebanon, where recent bombings left more than 40 people dead and roughly 240 injured.

The app allows users to connect their Facebook profile and choose photo filters of flags from several countries including France, Lebanon, Kenya and more.

After connecting your Facebook account inside the app, search for a city or country you would like to show support for. You will find options for both a transparent and opaque flag overlay, with some displaying hashtags like #PrayForParis or #PrayForBeirut.

Choose your flag of choice and the app will let you customize how prominent the flag displays on your profile picture. Click the "Preview" button to see the final outcome, then click "Publish."

You will have an option to share the app with your Facebook friends before it prompts you to click "Make Profile Picture."

Here's another plus: After your profile photo is already uploaded, come back to the app to add another country's flag filter on top of your existing photo to show support for multiple countries.