Is this peace on Earth? Social media doesn't think so

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A family portrait proclaiming to show "peace on Earth" has drawn the ire of social media.

In it, a family of five is shown, but the three females in the photo have their mouths taped shut while a smiling dad holds the "peace on Earth" sign and the son flashes a thumbs-up.

The photo was taken by Hannah Hawkes Photography, a photographer based in Rosepine, Louisiana. She said the photo was taken at the family's request, that she knows them well and "was in no way meant to promote abuse."

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Social media users commented on the photo disapprovingly, calling it a form of abuse.
One user, Emily De Los Santos, even said, "I bet all these people laughing at the photo are voting for Donald Trump."
Not everyone saw a problem, however. 
A good number of users, both men and women, said they found the photo funny and that more people need to have a sense of (dark) humor about it.

Finally, Peace on Earth!

Posted by Hannah Hawkes Photography on Sunday, December 13, 2015
What are your thoughts on the photo?