7 things to know now: Obama on YouTube; GOP debate; Dion's husband dies

What to know now:

1. Republican debate: It wasn't all sunshine and roses Thursday in South Carolina as the Republican candidates for their party's nomination met in the sixth GOP debate of the 2016 campaign season. There were fireworks aplenty, with Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz going at it over where Cruz was born and what "New York values" means. Gov. John Kasich laughed off Bernie Sanders, and Marco Rubio apologized for interrupting "Court TV."

2. President Obama live: President Obama will answer question live on YouTube Friday, according to the White  House. The questions will include some submitted via social media using the hashtag #YouTubeAsksObama. The interview begins at 2:15 p.m. ET. Click here to see it.

3. Hurricane Alex: A rare January Atlantic hurricane is headed toward the Azores and expect to make landfall there Friday. Hurricane Alex is packing winds of 80 mph. Alex is only the third hurricane ever recorded in January in the Atlantic Ocean. The last one was in 1938.

4. Dion's husband dies: René Angélil, the husband of singer Céline Dion, died Thursday from throat cancer. Angelil met Dion when she was 12. He became here manager, then later, her husband. Angelil was 73.

5. Police shooting: A video released Thursday shows what happened on the day in 2013 when a police officer shot  and killed a 17-year-old in Chicago. While it offers a look at the events, the details  remain unclear. The family of Cedrick Chatman says the teenager did not turn and open fire on pursing officers. The police say he did.

And one more

Should the names of lottery jackpot winners be anonymous? There is some talk that those  running the games are considering changing the rules that require those who win to have their names made public. While lottery organizers want to prove to the public that real people win the big  jackpots, those winners are often mercilessly hounded by people trying to get a piece of their winnings.

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