Thieves arrested after running into police at dinner

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Thieves arrested after running into police at dinner

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Thieves who thought they were going into a restaurant for a meal Thursday ran into a police sergeant instead.

Investigators said it all started as an Internet setup in which a man had arranged to meet a woman at the Tulsa Inn and Suites, where he was going to pay her for sex, police said.

However, the woman tricked the man into giving her the money first and then said she had to leave the room for a minute.

Three men then entered the room and told the man he had to leave. Police said the thieves made off with about $125.

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The suspects made a short walk across the parking lot to eat at a Speedy Gonzalez restaurant.

“It was pretty obvious they were the individuals that were just broadcast on the (police) radio,” Sgt. Robert Rohloff said. “It wasn’t too hard to track them down because they showed up for dinner with me.”

Marcus Hill was arrested on one outstanding warrant for second degree burglary.

Rohloff said the case will be hard to prosecute because both parties were engaged in criminal activity. “Anybody that’s going online and making arrangements for prostitution or drugs, you’re setting yourself up to be a victim,” he said.