The anti-Beyoncé organizers skipped their own rally

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Remember that anti-Beyoncé rally at NFL Headquaters? Well, the organizers of the rally didn't.

"It's kind of basic and stupid to be out here protesting Beyoncé, but it's very important that we showed up today to not only stand with Beyoncé but to continue to say that black lives matter," one Beyoncé supporter said,

"We don't know why they're not here. We don't really care. That's not our concern. Our concern is trying to be positive with the negative response that they had, and they are not here," Beyoncé supporter Mary Pryor said.

Beyoncé supporters showed up, and so did plenty of media.

"Whether or not you like Beyoncé is not the issue. You can't really dispute the message she's trying to convey, and that is against police brutality and just respect for other human beings," Spencer Jones said.

This video includes clips from Columbia Records / Beyoncé and images from Getty Images.