Texas couple die from poisonous gas fumes, authorities say

A husband and wife in Texas are dead after being overcome by poisonous gas, authorities said.

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Jacob Dean, 44, worked for Aghorn Energy and was exposed to H₂S gas while checking a pump house, NewsWest9 reported. After not hearing from her husband, Natalee Dean, 37, drove to the location of the pump house. The couple's two children were in the car with her, NewsWest9 reported.

The children remained in the car while Natalee went to the pump house, where she was overcome by fumes, authorities said. When Aghorn Energy had not heard from Jacob Dean, they contacted law enforcement, who went to the scene and rescued the children, ages 4 and 6, who only received mild exposure to the gas. They were treated at Medical Center Hospital and released to the custody of their grandparents, NewsWest9 reported.

The Ector County Sheriff's Office told the Odessa American that hydrogen sulfide can kill someone with a single breath.