Teens cause controversy with "White Trash Day" photo

Just ahead of the last day of classes of the 2015-16 school year, some students at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, have shared a photo that parents say is not appropriate.

The photo shows two African-American girls with their faces painted white. The girls are wearing trash bags as shirts.

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"Our senior class had a white trash theme today," senior Chris Edwards, 18, told WTHR on Thursday.

"Me, personally, it was just a joke. We didn't mean no harm by it," senior Mike Taylor said. "People just trying to be funny. But I don't think it was as big as the people make it seem, though."

Parents on social media were not as amused, WTHR reported.

"There was absolutely no reason for that. We are really about to be done with Ben Davis High," a parent wrote.

"I don't think it's appropriate for school," a student's father said.

"I wouldn't let my daughter do this," father Jesse West said. "Any time you're playing around with race in this day and age, it can be misconstrued or taken as offensive."

WTHR reported that some white and Hispanic students also participated in "White Trash Day," according to two students.

The school issued a statement on Wednesday:

"With four days left in the school year, a diverse group of students from the class of 2016 created their own 'spirit day.' Administrators saw at the beginning of the school day that these students had entered the building in attire other than regular school dress. Administrators spoke with each of these students individually, and before the first hour of class began, each student was back in regular school dress. We are disappointed in the actions of this group of students."