Teenager pulls four-inch centipede out of his ear

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An Arkansas teen woke up one morning with some serious ear pain and managed to discover the source and pull it out.

This is what was afflicting him:

That is a 4-inch centipede and 14-year-old Grant Botti pulled it out of his ear, KATV reported. Botti felt something moving around in his ear and grabbed to centipede's tail and slowly pulled it from his ear.

Botti’s mother Angela was there at the time and put the centipede in the plastic bag pictured above.

Even after the nightmarish was pulled from the teen’s ear, he was still in pain. He went to Saline Memorial Hospital where doctors noticed abrasions to his ear drum, but besides that there was no significant damage done.

It is just speculation, but Botti’s family thinks the creature may have crawled in while the teen was swimming.