Teen scares off burglars with fake gun

A fast-thinking teenager gave would-be burglars the scare of their lives when they broke into his father's home Saturday night.

Bayne Sample, 16, and his younger brother were home alone while their father was at a company Christmas party.

The older sibling heard something suspicious downstairs and grabbed an AirSoft rifle, which looks like a real assault rifle but only fires plastic pellets.

He carefully stepped out of his bedroom. One of the burglars had already gotten through the front door.

"I came down the steps, I could see one through the window, and the other one came in the front door. I cocked [the rifle] like that, and I pointed it at him. He put his hand(s) up and walked out," said Sample.

Both would-be burglars then ran off.

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The teen called his father, who said he was proud of how his son handled the situation and kept cool.

"[He] came down the stairs, surprised the guys trying to come into his house. They took off. It's all good," his father said. "I'm very proud of him."

The teen said he would have first reached for his father's real handgun, but it was in a room in another part of the house. His mother also believes her son did the right thing, even if it was a little risky.

"The first thing he thought was 'I have to protect myself and my brother.' It was dangerous, he did that. Maybe he should have called 911. It was quick. He took the initiative to do what he did," said Violet Sample.

Bayne is an ROTC cadet at his high school. He believes his training has been an asset in difficult situations.

"They've taught me what leadership is and what it means to lead," the younger Sample said.