Teen says she was pinned against her car by pickup truck while pumping gas

A stop at a gas station left a 19-year-old Florida woman in the hospital with serious injuries.

Amira Kennedy’s mother said the driver who backed into her daughter, pinning her against her own car, took off.

Kennedy is currently at Flagler Hospital with four pelvic fractures, a broken tailbone, and deep cut to her leg. She said she will be on bed rest for six weeks and require physical therapy to be able to walk on her own again.

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“At first it was a lot of anger, just you know, how could you leave someone like that?” Kennedy told ActionNewsJax on the phone from her hospital room Friday evening.

Kennedy said she had just finished pumping gas Thursday evening when she saw brake lights moving toward her. She said she tried to move out of the way but couldn’t. She said the driver was a woman in a white pickup truck, possibly a Chevy, and it has some type of lettering on the side.

“I think she just kind of panicked. I was screaming, I was banging on her truck and she just kind of pressed on the gas really hard and just pushed me even further into the car,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy's mother gave us pictures of her daughter's Mazda, dents showing where Kennedy was pinned by the pickup truck. Kennedy said she eventually fell to the ground when the driver pulled off.

“When I was on the ground, I remember looking at the truck and waiting for it to stop and it never stopped and then I remember seeing a man,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy said she was screaming for someone to call 911 and remembers a man approaching her to help.

“He helped me call 911 and I already had a pelvic fracture so I couldn't straighten out my leg so he let me lean up against him and what I'm sure was a very uncomfortable situation for him the position that he had to hold himself and for you know, 10, 15 minutes,” said Kennedy.

Now she just hopes the driver will come forward.

“I think I hold anger not at the fact that I was injured as much as the fact that she saw that and then made the choice to leave,” said Kennedy.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said they are working to locate any surveillance video from the area, and ask anyone with any information to call them.