Teen makes $200,000 playing Fortnite

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Some parents keep their kids from playing video games for hours on end. But a family in Long Island is allowing it because their teen is getting paid big bucks for playing Fortnite.

Griffin Spikoski, 14, plays Fortnite for eight hours during the week and about 18 hours on the weekends. That's after he does his online high school classes, WABC reported.

But it’s not just wasting time playing games, he’s raked in about $200,000 playing the online fighting game.

"It's kind of like my job," Griffin, who goes by the name Sceptic online, told WABC.

Nine months ago, he uploaded a video of himself beating a Fortnite gamer. The YouTube video got 7.5 million views.

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The views meant money. Griffin got advertisers and has gained more than a million subscribers.

He’s also made appearances for Samsung, PGA and the Miami Heat.

But it isn't all fun and games. His father Greg Spikoski told WABC, "We try to keep him humble about it. We try to find the right balance between his school work and just keeping his priorities straight."

The family has hired a financial advisor and an accountant to make sure the money is there for when Griffin gets older. He said he is saving his earnings in case his professional gaming career doesn’t last. He also may use it for college, a house or a car.

Griffin is going international too. He's going to Berlin for an international online video gaming convention, WABC reported.