Teen has 200 nails removed after complaints of stomach ache

File photo of nails

File photo of nails

A teenager in China had 200 nails removed from his abdomen after complaining about stomach pains.

The 15-year-old was complaining about stomach aches to his parents on June 6, and they thought he was just suffering from a cold, The Daily Mail reports. They decided to take him in for a CT scan, which revealed that he had consumed more than 200 nails and even some toothpicks, rocks and coins.

The Daily Mail reports doctors removed the objects in surgery and thought that the teen may be suffering from pica, a disease that causes the person to ingest foreign objects. The teen revealed that he had been eating nails for around a month with his parents not understanding why he chose to do that.

This isn’t the first time someone has eaten nails in China, according to The Daily Mail. According to the site, a man swallowed eight nails in May during a drunken bet with friends to prove that he was a “sword swallower.”

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