Teen comes to aid of younger student, making sure he stays safe

A girl’s story of her coming to the aid of a younger boy has gone viral.

According to a post on Love What Matters’ Facebook page, a 14-year-old girl, in an undisclosed location, saw a boy, younger than herself, sitting alone by a tree.

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She asked her mother, Tionae Thomas, to pull their car over to make sure he was OK.

Read the rest of their account:

More details as to who the boy was and what caused him to be left alone, sitting under a tree came to light after the post started making the rounds on social media.

The story has been shared more than 6,700 times and has garnered 2,000 comments on the Love What Matters post, and an additional 99,000 shares on Thomas’ own page, that show how the story is warming the hearts of those reading it on social media.