Taco Bell introducing fried chicken taco with fried chicken shell

Yum Brands strikes again.
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The same company that brought you Cool Ranch and Doritos Locos taco shell is going to the coop for their next offering.

The "Naked Crispy Chicken Taco," is a thick cut of fried chicken filled with cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado flavored ranch dressing.

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Foodbeast reports parent company Yum Brands likes to spread their wings when it comes to new offerings. Yum also owns KFC, the chain that made a sandwich made from two pieces of fried chicken acting as the bun.

At his time, the taco appears to only be offered in California with a price tag of $2.49 to $2.99.

Taco Bell began offering taco shells in various Dorito flavors back in 2012.

What do you think, sound good or not so much?

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