Students’ protest of inedible cafeteria food goes viral

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This is not your typical food fight at school.

The student body at Farmington High School in Connecticut is taking a stand, protesting what they consider to be the school’s inedible and potentially hazardous cafeteria food.

As with any protest nowadays, the students took to social media to vent their frustrations. Organizers set up a Facebook page where students have uploaded images of moldy hot dog buns, bugs in food and a chicken breast that was served while still raw in the center. Students have also reported on social media of finding hairs in their food.

This week, hundreds of students participated in a boycott of the cafeteria food, bringing homemade lunches instead.

For its part, Chartwells, the school food service provider, stands by the quality of its food, saying it has a strong health department record, according to a statement released to the media. The company said it would investigate complaints to determine their credibility and would take corrective action if deemed necessary.

Farmington Public Schools Superintendent Kathleen Greider said in a statement that Chartwells has "very favorable participation levels" but that district officials "deeply respect" student opinions.