Students design 3-D printed prosthetic for dog

Students at a Flagler County, Florida, high school are working to design and build a prosthetic a leg for a dog that lost one of its legs in a car accident.

Flagler Palm Coast High School students designed and 3-D printed a series of devices with the hope of helping Champ, a 3-year-old German shepherd.

Champ was adopted by Yashoda Sandoval and David Zolondek of Jacksonville after losing his leg in a car crash.

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Students were able to conduct the project thanks in part to a $5,000 grant from Motorola and the Flagler County Education Foundation.

The students designed and printed a series of devices, which Champ was outfitted with on Monday.

Zolondek said while Champ has excellent mobility on three legs, he knows over time the dog’s muscles and bones will suffer from overcompensating for the missing limb.

The next step is to fine-tune a final leg design by the summer.