Student at center of classroom takedown recently orphaned, in foster care

Her name still has not been released, but new details are coming to light concerning the student who was thrown to the ground in a South Carolina classroom.

The 16-year-old girl was recently orphaned and is living in foster care, her attorney told The New York Daily News.

Todd Rutherford, an attorney in Columbia, S.C. who is representing the girl, said she was injured on her face, neck and arm in the scuffle with Deputy Ben Fields.

Rutherford told The Daily News that she has a cast on her arm and is battling psychological injuries as well.

The video of the altercation went viral this week.

Officials said the student was disrupting class when she was caught using her cellphone. After refusing to go to the office, Fields was called in. She refused his order to leave the room. He then physically tried to remove her. As he did, he pulled her backward as she was still sitting in her desk, and dragged her across the classroom, Huffington Post reported.

Fields was fired Wednesday because of his actions.