State DUI campaign deemed sexist and offensive

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Tennessee's new anti-DUI campaign has been suspended after complaints about its message.

The campaign is accused of using insulting cartoons and messages to get the word out about drinking and driving.

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One of the complaints involves a campaign beer coaster. It talks about  buying a drink for a "marginally good-looking girl."  The back says: "If this sounds like something you would do, your judgment is impaired and so is your driving."  The campaign also included fliers for bathroom stalls, one of which states, "After a few drinks the girls look hotter and your driving is impaired." The governor's Highway Safety Office is behind the flyers and coasters, a campaign that has already cost the state $77,000.

The Highway Safety Office apologized for offending anyone and said they would pull the material statewide.  Last night the office took down a micro-website with these cartoons. In one scene a man is vomiting. Then he mops up his vomit with a cat.

As for Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, the governor said he had not seen the campaign. Now that he has, he says he doesn't like it and is pleased that it has been suspended.