South Carolina toddler dies after accidentally shooting himself in face, police say

South Carolina Toddler Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself In Face

A 2-year-old South Carolina boy died Thursday after accidentally shooting himself with a gun he found in his grandmother's purse, police said.

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Kayden John Stuber, of Greenville, died after the shooting around 1:30 p.m., the Greenville News reported.

According to police, the child had returned home with his grandmother, Bekki Gunter, the newspaper reported. Police said a teal-colored Glock pistol was in her purse. When Gunter went into the bathroom, Kayden managed to unzip his grandmother's purse and retrieve the gun, the child's grandfather, Tim Gunter, told the News.

The boy pulled the trigger and shot himself in the face, according to Senior Deputy Coroner Kent Dill..

"Nobody understands the situation. We're probably one of the safest families around as far as weapons," Tim Gunter told the News.

Tim Gunter told the newspaper he and his wife have permits to carry concealed weapons and were trained in firearms safety.

"No matter where you go, there's crimes, so we decided to actually get our CWPs," Tim Gunter told the News. "It was in her purse, zipped and sealed. You would never think he'd be smart enough, but he actually is."

"This is so tragic," Dill told the newspaper Friday. "This is kind of what we focus a lot of attention on but certainly we are so sorry for this family for what they're having to deal with."