Shark bites tuna after fisherman's 30 minute fight

A fisherman was feeling good about his big catch off Cape Cod Monday, until a massive shark robbed him.

The tuna weighed around 300 pounds and is estimated to have been 69 inches long, but as Capt. Kevin Depersia reeled it in a large shark bit the tail off.

Depersia said he had spent about 30 minutes fighting the fish off Provincetown.

"The biggest bummer about it was we couldn't sell the fish at the end of the day. We couldn't make any money out of it. But instead my customers were happy they got to take home a lot of tuna fish. And I get some sushi for dinner tonight," he said.

Depersia said if the fish had been 4 inches longer he would have been able to sell it for about $3,000.