Sen. Jeff Flake confronted in elevator by protester: 'Don't look away from me!'

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) was confronted by protesters while in an elevator on his way to the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Friday morning, after he released a statement saying he would support the controversial candidate's nomination.

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As Flake attempted to take an elevator, two women confronted Flake and expressed their outrage over his decision to approve Kavanaugh's nomination.  The women shared with Flake that they were sexual assault survivors.

Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy Action, was identified as one of the women who confronted Flake. She released a statement about the incident.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a key vote on Kavanaugh Friday afternoon, voting 11-10 along party lines to move the nomination forward. Flake voted yes along with his fellow Republicans, but requested a delay on a final vote to allow the FBI to conduct an investigation.

Senate Republican leaders agreed to delay the final vote to allow the FBI one week to conduct a supplemental investigation into Kavanaugh. President Trump agreed to the Senate's plan and formally asked the FBI to launch an investigation, one that is to be "limited in scope," The Associated Press reported.