Seattle men are the most handsome in the U.S., survey says

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Seattle is home to the United States' most handsome men, according to a survey by a grooming company.

Grooming Lounge's blog posted the results this week, with the following cities taking the lead:

  1. Seattle
  2. San Francisco
  3. Washington, D.C.
  4. Boston
  5. Denver based the findings on the amount spent on personal care services and products per man, in addition to shaving needs.

The blog admits that handsomeness may be subjective, but the criteria also measured each city's commitment to appearance.

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Seattle men spend approximately $3,413 on personal care items annually, while men in the number 24 city, Cleveland, spent about $2,366.

"Seattle men also spent the most on shaving needs and the second most on services and apparel. Seattle’s win surprised the researchers until a vast network of men’s barbershop/spas was found, likely helping keep the men in Seattle engaged with their grooming routines," the post said.

Not only is Seattle the most handsome city, it is also the most well-read, according to an Amazon list released in June.