Ryan Reynolds shares Deadpool’s rejection letter from Avengers

“Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds tore down whatever was left of the fourth wall, posting a letter on Twitter from Tony Stark barring Deadpool entry into the Avengers.

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Reynolds congratulated the heroes in the latest Marvel offering "Avengers: Infinity War" while sharing a picture of Stark's letter.

"From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did," Reynolds wrote.

The movie set a record with a $250 million opening in North America and $630 million total, according to The Associated Press. It still has not been released in China, the world’s second-largest movie market. It opens there May 11.

Stark’s reply to Deadpool joining the Avengers:

“No. Absolutely not. Go bother Prof. X.”

"Deadpool 2" opens in theaters May 18.