Residents reenact nativity scene after its removal in Dallas

A community is outraged that their nativity scene is no longer allowed on the steps of the Dallas courthouse.

Residents tell Channel 9 they have no plans to stop protesting until the scene is returned to the courthouse.

Town of Dallas forced to move nativity display

Protesters waved as drivers passed by Monday night in Dallas, getting more energy with each honk of the horn.

"I love hearing the honks! It makes me feel good," said Brandi Rote.

Rote said she's proud to hold a sign in support of a nativity scene that was recently moved away from the courthouse square. Someone spotted the display and called the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

The group sent letters warning the town board that it's against the law to have religious displays on public property. For the first time in 40 years, the nativity has  been moved to private property.

Rote said she and her church members want it back.

"I was here for six and a half hours yesterday. My church had church our here, like we called all of our members and said 'hey, we're going to have church outside today. You know, today we're going to have it out in Dallas,'" Rote said.

People dressed up Monday night to reenact the scene that was on display in an effort to persuade the town to bring the nativity scene back. Until then, they'll continue their fight.

"My plan is just to stay here and hold the sign and just listen to what's going on," Rote said.

A rally event is planned for Wednesday, click here to learn more.

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