Researchers discover 'googly-eyed' squid 2,950 feet below ocean

Scientists cooed over the sight of a purple, "googly-eyed" cephalopod spotted by a research vessel along the ocean floor.

Video of the stubby squid, or rossia pacifica, was captured by the E/V Nautilus, which is operated remotely and posted to YouTube Friday.

It was seen by researchers at a depth of 2,950 feet.

"They look like googly eyes," one researcher is heard saying on the video. "It looks so fake."

Researcher moved in for a closer look.

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The stubby squid is a mix between a squid and an octopus. However, it is more closely related to the cuttlefish, according to researchers.

They spend their life on the seafloor burrowing into the sand as camouflage. Their eyes poke out to spot prey like shrimp and small fish. It can be found in the Pacific Ocean from Japan to southern California, researchers said.

"It's like some little kid dropped their toy," a researcher said.

"He's awesome though," another is heard saying.

The Nautilus is exploring the ocean studying the biology, geology and archeology.

"He's so cute," a researcher said as the submersible navigates away.