Republicans, Democrats hold weekend primaries, caucuses

It will be a busy weekend for presidential candidates with both Democrats and Republicans holding caucuses and primaries in several states and U.S. territories.

Here’s a rundown of who will be going to the polls, how many delegates are at stake and what is next.

Who is voting?

On Saturday, both parties will hold a primary election in Louisiana and will caucus in Kansas. Republicans will caucus in Kentucky and Maine, and Democrats will caucus in Nebraska.

On Sunday, Democrats will caucus in Maine. Puerto Rico will hold a Republican primary.

What’s at stake?

Here are the number of delegates up for grabs in the weekend's primaries and  caucuses.

Louisiana has 59 Democrat delegates and 46 Republican delegates

Kansas has 40 Republican delegates and 37 Democrat delegates

Nebraska has 30 Democratic delegates

Kentucky has 46 Republican delegates

Maine has 23 Republican delegates and 30 Democrat delegates

How many delegates do you need to win the nomination?

In all, Democrats will send 4,763 delegates to their convention, with 2,382 needed for nomination. Republicans will send 2,472 delegates to their national convention. To win the nomination, a candidate must get the support of 1,237 delegates.

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What’s next?

On Tuesday, Republicans will caucus in Hawaii and Idaho, and both parties will hold primaries in Michigan and Mississippi. On Thursday, the Virgin Islands will hold a Republican caucus.