Publix recalling more than 2 dozen ground beef products over virulent E. coli strain in Florida

Publix Recalls More Than 2 Dozen Ground Beef Products Due to E. Coli

Publix Super Markets Inc., based in Lakeland, Florida, is recalling more than two dozen ground beef products that may be contaminated with a highly virulent strain of the E. coli bacteria called Escherichia coli 026.

The products were shipped to 24 counties in Florida, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced. The counties include Orange and Hillsborough counties. To see the complete list, click here.

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The meat products were bought between June 25, 2018 and July 31, 2018, and have sickened at least 18 people, mostly in Florida, between July 5 and July 31, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

An investigation revealed that the victims reported eating ground chuck products bought at Publix grocery stores, but USDA officials said they have not, yet, identified the source of the contamination.

The agency is urging consumers to check their meat products, including any frozen products, to make sure they don't have any meat sold at Publix stores between June 25 and July 31. Throw out any possible contaminated products or return them to the store.

Escherichia coli, which is abbreviated as E.coli, are bacteria found in the environment, foods and intestines of humans and animals. Most strains are harmless, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but some strains can cause sickness. Likely symptoms of contamination include diarrhea and stomach cramping, but in more severe causes, victims can develop urinary tract infections, respiratory illness, pneumonia and other illnesses, the CDC reported.

Here is a list of the meat products under recall from Publix stores in Florida:

Bacon & cheddar burgers

Bacon & cheddar meatballs

Bacon & cheddar slider

Bacon & fried onion burger

Bacon & fried onion meatball

Bacon & fried onion slider

Badia seasoned ground chuck burger

Blue cheese burgers

Blue cheese meatballs

Blue cheese slider

Ground chuck

Ground chuck burgers

Ground chuck for chili

Ground chuck for meat loaf

Ground chuck slider

Jalapeno & cheddar slider

Jalapeno and cheddar burger

Jalapeno and cheddar meatballs

Meat loaf grillers

Mesquite seasoned ground chuck burger

Montreal seasoned chuck burger

Seasoned meatloaf (oven ready)

Spanish meatballs

Steakhouse seasoned ground chuck burger

Stuffed peppers (oven ready)

Stuffed pimento cheese burger

Swiss & mushroom burger

Swiss & mushroom meatball

Swiss & mushroom slider