Promposal trend leaves parents shelling out $300 or more

If you or your child is headed to the big dance, get ready to dish out some serious cash.

According to a new study from Visa Inc. an average high schooler or (more likely) their parents will spend about $919 on prom-related purchases this year.

The most striking part? A whole one-third of that cost isn't even on the event itself, but on the "promposal."

And, what exactly is a promposal? It's like a wedding proposal, but rather than asking for one's hand in marriage, a teen is asked to attend a one-night, sequin-filled dance where a couple will probably only stay about an hour.

Promposals are such a huge trend, MTV even dedicated a special to them earlier this week.

Visa said in a press release that this is the first year they've looked at promposal costs specifically, but they noted that total prom spending is actually down this year from $978.

The recently released survey also looked at prom spending in Canada, for comparison. Apparently our neighbors to the north are a little more practical. They plan to spend about $500 on the actual prom and only about $150 on the promposal.

Want to know more about promposals? Enjoy a sampling below.