Powerball winners plan to be at work on Monday

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

John and Lisa Robinson shared one of the three winning tickets from Wednesday's $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

The Tennessee couple, along with their daughter Tiffany and dog Abby, went to the Tennessee Lottery headquarters to verify the ticket and then held a press conference.

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Lisa was the first one to learn they had the winning ticket. John then verified it was the winner, and he reached out to tell Tiffany.

"I told her that I wasn't feeling good and that I needed some Advil to get her to come over," John Robinson said. "She got someone else to bring it."

Since his first plan didn't work, John said he called Tiffany back and said he needed to talk to her. She told him she was getting ready for work, but they could come to her house.

"We loaded up the car and went over there," John said.

At first, Tiffany didn't believe her dad, but then the excitement set it.

John said his next call was to his brother who does investments. From there he got an accountant and a lawyer, and the rest is history.

The family, who lives in Munford, Tennessee, was in New York City this morning on network television, and then they went to Nashville to verify their ticket.

John Robinson said they are taking the lump sum winnings, and the reason is quite simple.

"We're going to take the lump sum because we're not guaranteed tomorrow," John said.

John and his wife said they don't plan on quitting their jobs or moving into a bigger house.

"I've never wanted that in the past," said Lisa Robinson, who works in a dermatologist's office. "I don't really want that now."

Her husband, who is a warehouse worker, had a practical reason for not moving.

"Big houses are nice, but also you gotta clean 'em."