Police: Teenager hit deer with car, shot man who stopped to help

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An hour before Kenny White turned 18 years old, his day fell apart.

Police say White hit a deer with his car and when another driver pulled over to help, the two began to argue.

White ended the disagreement by shooting the other man twice, police said.

"All this over a deer," Detective Detective Sgt. Mike Lupiwok told The Delmarvanow Times. The victim was taken to a hospital where shotgun pellets were removed from his lower body.

White drove away, but the victim and two others turned over his tag number to police, who found him a few hours later.

“Not a good birthday for him," Lupiwok added.

WBOC reports that the man who was shot will be fine but White faces charges of attempted murder. The deer suffered two broken legs and died at the scene.

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