Police: Serial Disney dine-and-dasher arrested at Disney resort

A "serial dine-and-dasher" was busted by police after targeting Disney restaurants for 10 years, Clickorlando reports.

51-year-old Jerry Moody was arrested Tuesday when he tried to walk out on his $92.65 bar tab at The Wave Restaurant in Disney’s Contemporary Resort. He also left another tab at the Polynesian Resort the night before. According to the arrest report, Moody tries to dine and dash at tourist areas -- mainly Disney.

Court records show that Moody has been arrested dozens of times since 2005 and “ignored trespass warnings because he just likes to come to Disney,” Clickorlando reports. Restaurants along International Drive are well aware of his tactics, and Moody reportedly asked workers there why they even bother to serve him.

Police said Moody is banned from many restaurants and shops at Disney but “still manages to sneak his way in,” Clickorlando reports.

He was charged with defrauding an innkeeper and trespassing on property after a warning.

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