Police respond to 'where's the weed' tweet


Twitter users may want to reconsider what they say on social media after one user who asked where to find marijuana in Sarasota last week got a response from law enforcement instead.

Twitter user, @preznixon16, was looking for the best weed in Sarasota on May 7, but didn't realize the Sarasota Police Department was watching, WTSP reports. "WHOS IN SARASOTA FLORIDA AND HAS WEED," the user tweeted.

“If you’d like to stop by our HQs, our Narcotics Detective would be more than happy to talk,” the Police Department said in response.

Apparently, @preznixon16 was not afraid of the consequences and retweeted the response, WTSP said.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office shared a similar tweet last year after Twitter user, @Rose_Sparkz, sent out a message asking if someone would bring her any weed. PBSO's response was to inquire where they could meet for the exchange.

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