Police officers come to rescue, save boy's birthday party

A little boy's birthday was almost ruined before some heroes in blue saved the day.

Brayden Hubbard's family planned a third birthday party for the boy, but many people didn't RSVP.

Brayden is a child with autism.

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An anonymous caller phoned the Yokon Police Department in Oklahoma after party guests backed out.

Police came to the door on Brayden's special day.

"They come up to my door, and you always think that's bad," Brayden's mother, Terra Hubbard, told KFOR.

But the emergency they were responding to was the lack of partygoers.

"For them to take their time out of the day -- they have important jobs," Hubbard said.  "It's scary for them to go to work right now, and just for them to come say hi to Brayden, just to tell him happy birthday, it means a lot."

KFOR reported that it took some time for Brayden to accept the officers, but eventually he crawled intothe front seat of one of the cruisers.

"We'll never forget that birthday, and we hope he doesn't either and his family won't either," Lt. Zach Roberson said.