Police capture prisoners who escaped by helicopter

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After two weeks on the run, police in Canada have now arrested three prisoners who escaped by helicopter.

CTV reports a SWAT team found the escapees during a raid in a Montreal condo early Sunday morning. Police are still looking for a couple other people including the owner of the condo where the men were found and at least one possible accomplice who helped them escape on June 7. The men were reportedly put under lighter security measures shortly before they escaped.

USA Today says the men were arrested during a drug trafficking bust in 2010. After making their prison break they were placed on top of Interpol's most wanted list.

A lot of information about their escape still isn't clear. According to CBC, police are still trying to figure out who might have helped them escape. And, surprisingly, this isn't the first time prisoners in Canada have escaped in a helicopter.

Just last year two prisoners escaped from their maximum security prison, but their escape ended a lot faster than the most recent one did. Within hours both of them were back in jail.

CNN says it has happened at least a couple other times. One inmate in Greece did it twice — in 2006 and 2009. Another man in Mexico also did it back in the early '70s.

The three men are set to appear in court on Monday.