Peeps: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re here and here’s what you can do with them

There are two sides to the Peep debate: Either you love them or you hate them and for many there isn’t an in-between.

Easter is the time of year where the marshmallow candy covered in sugar is everywhere.

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So what can you do with them, other than the suggestion by the popular meme?

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Huffington Post is calling some of the ideas "Crimes Against Peeps."

The Peepza came about as a joke a few years ago, Huffington Post reported.

Another "crime" according to Huffington Post are the strange, even terrible by some people's standards, flavors the company has introduced.

If the sugar isn't enough, Just Born, the company that produces Peeps, has brought out pancakes and syrup, cotton candy and cake-flavored Peeps, Huffington Post reported.

There's also the Neapolitan Peep that's filled with chocolate, the Triple Chocolate variety that is not only filed but also dipped in chocolate, as well as the fruit punch and watermelon flavors.

So what can you do with them, other than throwing them away, or giving them to the children of parents you don’t like? There are recipes that the company has come up with to give your desserts a splash of Peep color.

There are crisped rice treatssorbet and a simple cake decorated with the bunnies.

Other companies have come up with ideas like a s'mores skillet and for the grownups only, Peeps-infused vodka or Peeps Jell-O shots:

So, what do you think about Peeps? Do you love them or hate them? Vote in our poll.

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