Oklahoma teachers consider statewide walkout over education cuts

Oklahoma teachers are considering a statewide walkout over education cuts. (Photo: Fox23.com)

Teachers across the state of Oklahoma are rallying together to send a message to legislators.

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By Sunday, a Facebook page called "Oklahoma Teacher Walkout – The Time Is Now" garnered more than 34,000 members, set up just days before.

The group's organizer, Alberto Morejon, said the page was created to give teachers and parents a forum to discuss their issues regarding state budget cuts in education and to organize.

He said their goal is to gain the support of superintendents and school boards across the state to initiate a suspension of school, but a walkout is a last resort.

The suspension of school would allegedly last until state legislators pass a bill to increase teacher pay by at least $5,000.

The group reportedly teamed up with the Begging for Education organization, run by Tulsa's "panhandling teacher," Teresa Danks.

FOX23 has talked to Danks about her efforts to fight state budget cuts. She recently started a Change.org petition; calling for area residents to voice their support for increased pay for teachers.

She said she wants to reach 40,000 signatures and write an open letter to Gov. Mary Fallin asking for pay raises as a last-ditch effort before a walkout.

The petition has been signed by more than 20,000 people.

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